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Energy Transition
Tailoring Pathway
for Energy Transition

Planet Earth has horrendous impact through series of climate changes, from global warming to desertification, hurricanes, floods, etc.

The greenhouse gas anthropogenically emitted into the atmosphere has been mentioned by the scientific community as the main reason for such events. Its main source includes gas, carbon dioxide, most of which originates from coal-fired power station of the energy sector. Energy Transition, as a result, is a radical structural change in terms of shifting the global energy production and consumption systems that heavily rely on fossil to ones that produce limited to even zero carbon emissions.

Angeline Energy, possess great scope of services and deep knowledge of the industry, is proud of our vision and understanding across the value chain for energy, resources and manufacturing. We are here to assist corporations with data, guidance and evaluation of the risks associated with the rapid shift in the energy landscape for the purpose of meeting the goals of energy transition and adapt to the climate change. The information includes insights of the low-carbon energy transition process, companies and regions which can survive and adapt, etc. We constantly update with our regularly updated data and reports, monthly news and quarterly briefings through our phone line and email to meet your specific needs. Angelin Energy also offer structured workshops so you can have the better vision and understanding of the energy transition as well as the implications for your business.

Key focus areas of the Energy Transition Consulting:

  • Corporate positioning and strategy
  • Emerging technologies
  • Market dynamics
  • Policy trend
  • Energy transition macro trends
Energy & Emission Assessment
Less Carbon, More Growth

A growing number of companies assess and address the potential threats and opportunities of climate change for their businesses. It measures greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by factories’ activity and assesses the exposure to physical climate change impacts as well as changing market conditions and consumer preferences as a consequence of climate change.

At the same time, there is also an increasing demand from governments, investors and other stakeholders for corporate climate change-related information.

Reducing environmental impact has become a must for businesses. One of the most significant ways to achieve this is by reducing their carbon footprints, and this starts with monitoring carbon emissions.

Measurement of emissions is necessary to ensure compliance with emissions permits or regulatory limits. It can also be carried out for performance and set-up purposes or to produce baseline or evaluation data.

We offer emission consulting services for the following:

  • Risk and opportunities understanding with value chain emissions
  • Inform investment and procurement decisions
  • Plan reduction targets strategy, and track performance

Net-Zero Pathway
A new era of sustainable development

What is Net-Zero?

We’ve all heard about Net Zero and Climate Change, so what are Net Zero and Climate Change exactly? How does it play an important role in tackling climate change by reducing global warming?

Simply, Net Zero refers to the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming to decline to zero by balancing the amount released into the atmosphere from sources with the amount removed and stored by carbon sinks.

Our planet is currently out of thermal equilibrium, meaning more energy from the sun is being trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than is escaping back to space. Climate change poses the greatest threat facing society and the energy sector is at the forefront of the need to quick responds to support a pathway to Net Zero

The Energy and Power sector has been at the heart of this pathway more than ever. With the ongoing climate emergency, a clear and strong direction toward the goal of achieving net zero emissions has been more important than ever.

By setting a net zero target, there are some potential benefits that corporates can achieve for their long term sustainability:

  • Enhanced brand recognition, reputation and social status.
  • The ability to generate innovative ideas and beneficial advantages against market competitors.
  • Increased adaptation and resilience given the potential change and implementation of new regulation
  • Increased confidence and trust of the investor
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