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We carefully comprehend Investors’ needs and deliver the most relevant range of investment products and services to help you achieve your goals.

Commercial Advisory
Empower your right team across the Energy Value Chain.

Our expert commercial advisors can assist with matters from providing vital insights into the underlying energy market and business conditions to enhancing investors’ energy approach, whether the result of a tactical improvement or a strategic shift in direction, is something our team can deliver in ways uniquely suited to your challenges and energy management goals.

Areas where we have experience, including:

  • Portfolio & Market assessment
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, and optimization
  • Business Analytics, Assessment, and Development
  • Policy Assessments and Development
  • Contracting Consulting full package
  • Market/ Opportunity Screening.
Investment Strategy

Vietnam is now recognized as one of Southeast Asia's most dynamic emerging countries, with significant economic and political reforms. Thus, Vietnam has become a huge potential market growing steadily with economic fundamentals in place. Moreover, with its expansion in a large middle class, high demand in many fields, from agriculture to industry, and services leading to an accelerated need for infrastructures and innovating technologies, modern business strategies are also generating business opportunities that appeal directly to foreign investors.

Unlike other market models, Vietnam runs its potential emerging market with a unique culture and behavior in policy decision-making, business planning, and consumer consumption. Hence, successfully approaching the Vietnam market requires investors to research feasibility carefully.

At Angelin Energy, we carry out feasibility studies structured into immense components: Market - Technical Feasibility; Political Economy, Legal and Policy Analysis & Underlying Principles; Asset Identification and Owner Engagement, Fund Structuring, and Capital Raising to create solid foundations lessening risk and supporting for international businesses’ decisions before investing in specific Vietnam market for poisoning to enter this new challenging market.

Market Research & Analyst
In-Depth Research & Analysis from the beginning of your Business. Optimize your decisions, Mitigate risks toward the targeting point, and Advance outstanding success!

Knowledge is power! Research & analysis is used to gain a better perspective and understanding of your market or target audience and strengthen your business’ position. Otherwise, it helps companies minimize investment risk, identify potential threats and opportunities and discover your and your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to facilitate plausible strategic planning for business goals.

If you are entering a new market and want in-depth knowledge about what to do, don’t worry. Angelin – the best research and analysis service provider – is here. We provide multifold research & Analysis solutions to catch up with emerging trends, industries, and markets.

Our solutions:

  • Market Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Policy Consulting
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