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We enable customers to use less expensive, clean-burning natural gas by creating safe, comprehensive systems to meet their specific needs with zero performance loss.

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
At Angelin, we offer innovative solutions across the LNG value chain.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is simply natural gas that has been reduced to a liquid state by cooling it to minus 162°C. The transformation to a liquid is accompanied by a volume reduction of approximately 600 to one.

Upon arrival at the receiving facility, LNG is transferred into specially designed storage tanks where it is stored as a liquid at near atmospheric pressure and minus 160°C temperature . The LNG remains in storage until it is demanded for re-delivery. At that time, it is pumped from the tanks and subjected to heat and pressure to return it to a gaseous state for transportation by pipeline.

Based on over 15 years of gas experience, we can propose the best solutions for our clients. Angelin Energy is engaged in LNG facilities' engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Reducing greenhouse gas
Cleaner, cheaper, and more economical than other fuels
A lean operation, simple maintenance, and stringent safety requirements
A wide variety of options are available according to client needs
LNG Distribution Service
From LNG trucks to pipelines all geographies can be served.
LNG Truck

Due to the impossibility of developing a complete transportation and distribution grid to reach remote areas, LNG truck loading is a small-scale service designed as a cost-effective solution for customers willing to use natural gas as their primary fuel source.

LNG is transported in methane tankers at -162ºC. It’s then offloaded at regasification plants. The temperature of LNG rises by using vaporizers, transforming it into gas. Natural gas is injected into pipelines and transported throughout the network to industrial facilities.

Operation and
Maintenance Service ( O&M )
Due to our expertise, we offer an optimum quality range of LNG Operation and Maintenance Services.
Our Core O&M Capabilities:
  • Operate Facilities and Equipment
  • Operation Management and Quality Control
  • Integrity and Risk Management
  • Turnaround Planning and Management
  • Maintenance management and equipment standards
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