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There is no “one-size-fits-all” pathway in energy transition. It requires a customized and suitable process to a low carbon economy, a combination of abilities, technologies, policies, finance, resources and others.

The world now faces tremendous challenges associated with pollution, greenhouse gas emission, climate change and the need for sustainable development. Net-zero’s goal is extremely ambitious to all, from developed to developing countries. To achieve this global goal requires governments to assume their role in coordination with the energy transition, and technological readiness for adoption and commercialization to the market.

Coming to fulfilling ambitious energy and climate commitments with the first phrase – 30% carbon emission decline by 2030 – of the whole clean growth pledge, requires a dramatic transition way from heavy carbon and toward low-carbon energy sources.

Hence, mapping out a routine for 30by30 pathway with energy scenarios by using computational models not only helps decision-makers assess but also keeps tracking the project changes to the energy mix that will be needed to meet climate and environmental targets.

Angelin prioritizes a clear pathway and real action plan for a low-carbon targets that are both suitable with current resources of Vietnam market and condition, and harmonious benefits among 3E dimensions

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